Rustic Balinese Living Rooms With Tropical Air

Rustic Balinese living rooms can be the best Asian decorating that you can replicate to preserve the traditional and tropical air. If you have gone to Bali, you will admire the culture, architectural design and artistic works. Balinese decor is always linked with craftsman decoration, natural material, intricate fabric, and carved wood. You can make the room more personalized by setting some of your family photos on the carved wooden frames. The tropical feeling in Balinese home should not be eliminated. You can make it breezy, nice, and open by having the glass window in the room. Thus, you can enjoy the outdoor view easily when you get bored in the room.

You can integrate the interior with your outdoor area by building a courtyard, a deck, a sun room, patio area, or terrace in rustic Balinese living rooms. The colors used in the room can be inspired from the nature of Bali. You can choose lime green, tangerine, hot pink, sky blue, sandy coral, taupe, tan, cobalt blue, pale saffron, and antique white to make your room more rustic to view. The floor in the room should carry the tropical feeling. You can install bamboo flooring if your budget is limited. If you want higher quality of floor, you can install stained dark wood.

Then you can spread an area rug, sisal mats or bamboo mats to adorn the floor. Many Balinese people choose bamboo as the inexpensive material to make furniture pieces, floor, knick knacks, racks, art and photo frames. If you decide to use this material, you need to ensure that other element comes in similar material too. However, you can combine different types of materials as your want. The window covering, room divider, countertop, chairs, table, outdoor features, and table linen in rustic Balinese living rooms can be made from paper, metal, cloth, rattan, wicker, ceramic and many more.

Monday, April 29th 2019. | Living Room