Rustic Beach Home for Coastal Vintage Appeal

Dreaming to have a beach home must be a common expectation for most people. It is not only because of the beautiful area, but some people also think about pride of having one on the seashore area. Therefore, there is no wonder why there are so many exclusive dwelling nest on the coastal ground chasing for the perfect angle to overlook the sea. From many with luxurious and expensive style, here I introduce you rustic beach home design that brings you original coastal appeal!

Isn’t it challenging to have a house right on the tip of a cliff? Absolutely, it is a wonderful design, and I’m thankful to the architect for the hard work and bravery to show me such gorgeous building hovering on the sky. It is all covered by wooden material for mild atmosphere in the interior, and the rare application is meant to let the natural light flowing inside all the time. To relax on the balcony means that letting you to overlook the blue ocean beneath with rocky area in the surrounding. Again, living in this house is like having blue floor and roof at once! Double thanks to the nature anyway!

Rushing to the interior, the designer is kind of perfectionist that mixes two opposite styles in a room. It is the combination of modern and rustic appeal applied to the living space with open concept. Concrete siding lets you enjoy the dwelling like other urban buildings, but the wooden ceiling and other rustic wooden furniture are ready to bath the interior with vintage delight. To balance the whole look, yellow chairs is adopted to this rustic retreat beneath a double height ceiling idea along with navy blue sofa aside. In addition, heading to the outdoor living space, you might never imagine to lush on sandy ground with luxurious sofa with classic lamp and wooden fence surrounding! What do you think?

Friday, April 5th 2019. | Home Design