Rustic home design interior with teak wood natural nuance

My friend invited me to visit Ampezo Meleres House that located in Italy. The houses design is very luxurious and elegant with a touch of eclectic style. The touch of eclectic style represents on the modern style combined with classic style featuring natural complexion.

I feel very happy to be here because the atmosphere was comfortable and very different from the other house design. This house is designed with a stylish interior featuring wood natural hue.

Ampezo Meleres House Interior

Rooms in the house are designed with elegant style. Living room section we will find a charming wooden walls, wooden ceiling revealing the natural hue, and modern style fireplace make the living room look impressive. There is also a couch and TV to enjoy your spare time. Dining room laid out in such a way that reveals luxurious hue. Transparent chair, wooden table, and a shelf black fill this space with a beautiful sight. Window in front of the dining table makes the atmosphere fresh and bright. Lights on the wall make this room more interesting. This Ampezo Meleres House Design is a work of art that combines with comfort design. Utilization of space that is not too wide so considered here. Therefore, it is created a minimalist interior design with luxurious style.

We will see the minimalist and simple shapes in the kitchen. Interior face of the dominance of wood decorates the house with natural hue. Similarly kitchen section, it would seem feel natural style. Kitchen cabinet made ​​minimalist with wooden color and kitchen islands combined with the chrome color represents a modern style.

Ampezo Meleres House Wooden Style

The whole style of the room is adopting a wooden house style. The wood used is teak wood. There is unique rare furniture in the bathroom. Closet and washbasin designs created specifically with the elegant shape. There is artifacts bed with white color in the master bedroom. The architectural style is very unique rooms. White ceiling make the room look brighter. Natural effect wooden style radiates from the walls and floor. Window that located next to the bed is allowing air circulation switch perfectly. Lighting this room is also very pretty, so the room looks bright. For that, Ampezo Meleres House Ideas is a design house that offers two styles are combined in charming architectural details.

Tuesday, May 14th 2019. | Home Design