Best 30+ Rustic Style Kitchens 2018

Next we will show the keys to get a rustic kitchen. This country air creates space with a lot of charm in which you can breathe tranquility and inner peace, own of the connected that are this type of kitchens with nature. If you want to give your kitchen a touch of naturalness, the rustic style is perfect to get it.

Although thinking of something rustic usually comes to mind an old style, then we will show that it does not have to be necessarily so. Combining modern touches to traditional rustic kitchen keys, we can achieve a country-like ambiance and renewed style.

inspirational rustic kitchen designs you will adore pertaining to rustic kitchen Best 20 Rustic Style Kitchens 2017

The star material of this type of kitchen is the natural wood. The more knots you have, the better. These knots give an even more natural look to the entire kitchen. Maple or oak woods are the best options. The natural stone is another of the materials that can not be missed in this type of kitchens.

If we want to give a fresh touch to the kitchen, combine wood with other less traditional materials such as slate or lava stone. Both the textures and shades of these two materials are perfect for rustic kitchens.

Lighting is very important in this type of space. This has to be as far as possible natural light. If you have the option to change the windows and enlarge them, you will be doing a great favor to your kitchen.

The curtains are typical elements in rustic kitchens. If you want to get a classic style opt for them, but as we want you not to rest light on the stay, opt for lace curtains. Always go by shades of light shades.

If you want a rustic kitchen but fleeing from the traditional, go by using these in light wood tones.

For decorative accessories opt for yellow tones. These combine very well with the tone of wood and with the dark tones of slate or lava stone. White or orange are two more tones for which you can decant. The basic colors of the rustic style are cream, toast and brown, and these combine very well with those we saw earlier.

And speaking of accessories, you can not forget the natural touch that the plants give. Place at least one natural plant in your rustic kitchen. Also make yourself an elegant fruit bowl where you can display seasonal fruits and even vegetables. That’ll boost that country touch we’re looking for.

Handcrafted tableware and forging complements will complete your rustic decor, especially if you want it to have classic touches.

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