Scandinavian Interior Design for Airy and Bright Decor

Scandinavian interior design is perfect choice to create simple, airy, and bright interior decor ideas. Basically, Scandinavia is and area which consists of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. This interior design typically applied in several decade ago such as during the Second World War period. The typical characteristic of Scandinavian interior design is the airy, bright, and simple accent created. Most Scandinavian designs apply little home furniture to create large twist in every room space at home.

Scandinavian Interior Design Tips

gosia design scandinavian bedroom designBeautiful master bedroom with a relaxed Scandinavian style and pops of color gosia design

The typical characteristic of Scandinavian interior design is the airy, bright, and simple accent created. If you prefer to apply Scandinavian interior design in your home, try to apply pure white color on the wall and ceiling. Large or many windows application can help you create the bright and airy accent of Scandinavian design. Minimize the furniture in the room such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom to enlarge the room space. Wood plank flooring will be better to create such natural sense in the simple Scandinavian interior design.

Traditional Scandinavian Interior Design Application

Scandinavian bedroom ideas gosia designThrow in a cowhide rug for that trademark Scandinavian look gosia design

Once we have known the principles of traditional Scandinavian interior design, let’s take a look on several samples of the Scandinavian design including kitchen and bedroom design. Let’s start from the kitchen Scandinavian design. White become the main color in this kitchen and white wood plank flooring completes the natural sense in this simple kitchen. This kitchen is designed in narrow style with base and wall kitchen cabinets installed on a wall next to French glass sliding door.

modernist scandinavian bedroom design gosia designscandinavian interior design ideas gosia designScandinavian interior design stainless steel countertops gosia design

Metal accent found on the kitchen cabinets make this Scandinavian kitchen looks modern in simple white color. Glossy black refrigerator located opposite other wall next to the sliding door with stainless steel utensils rack standing beside it. Simple stainless steel countertops located in front of the kitchen cabinets. There are some stuff arranged on it such as wooden knife block and fruits basket. Now let’s take a look the Scandinavian interior design in the bedroom.

White wall paint and birch wood plank flooring are also applied in this bedroom. Simple arrangement looks efficient in this bedroom where a double sized bed located on the middle wall, closet area next to the door, and a wooden simple chair next to the bed replacing the bedside. Long wooden shelf is stuck on the middle wall above the bed to store some photo frames and decorations. For the simplicity sense in this Scandinavian interior design, white and light blue stripes motif applied on the blanket and pillows on the bed.

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