20 Simple Home Library Design ideas

For bookish, having bookshelves in their room is no longer enough, and normally they deserve to have a personal library in their home. Then, the problem is do you want to make it like the public style? Of course, public library design needs spacious area to deal with plenty of bookshelves. To juggle the situation, you can learn from some simple home library designs that suit your home in its best style. Check following show, guys!

Have you ever thought to cover your living room siding with books? Now, you can apply this crazy idea for comfortable and unique interior. Open plan living room is the best space to deal with this idea because the natural light is truly helpful to maintain the books condition. Very large bookshelves to cover your sidewalls are the core of the idea, and to reach the top shelf, adding wooden ladder onto it is nice idea. Double height vibe must be greater for taller library idea, and don’t forget to attach a fireplace to make your time even more gorgeous! Just like the previous design, the next one also takes a spacious open plan room painted in white. Again, it applies wall bookshelves from floor to ceiling disguising the white wall behind. With some cluster of seating, to invite more friends home is possible!

In addition, taking your loft area as a personal library is a brand new style to make this space useful and also stylish. Drawing the design from the hallway until its heart with floor to ceiling window, you must take this home library as exhibition. From the double height living space beneath, you can show it to your guests! Then, the simplest style of home library is suitable for small retreat. From laded storage until mounted wall racks are installed to store, you book collection without reducing its core function. What do you think, guys?

Saturday, May 4th 2019. | Interior
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