Simple Japanese House in the Modern Era with prefab home

Japanese architects, Muji, created this unique Japanese house. This home offers the complete package such as the exterior, structure, interior and furniture together as one unit. Nothing is known about the total size of the building and around the building has been completed. But it can be seen that this house going to bring you a compact size for a modern family life.

Japanese Minimalism: The Ant House, and the Modern Japanese Home

By looking it from the pictures, this modern minimalist house is not your typical Japanese house. The pictures provide views of a small white building with the surrounding lighting creating futuristic building. From the outside, the house seems to offer a small housing. But when you get into this building you will be amazed by the many features and modern environment this home offers.

Inside, you can see that this house offers healthy air circulation and always have good lighting. It windows are large enough to ensure adequate sunlight gets into your house. Its interior had one clear objective; to create a spacious atmosphere as possible in a small and compact house. In order to feel spacious, the dining room and the living room are designed without borders or wall separator. Wooden materials or elements can be seen in the house flooring and several rooms such as the children room and dining room. Wood is always Japanese favorite’s materials due its resistance factors toward earthquake, an often natural phenomenon in Japan.

For the exterior of the house, you can see that this house had small yet significant garden in front of it. The presence of a home garden can create a livelier home atmosphere in. The flat roof is almost merged with the house exterior’s wall. And there is small balcony in the second floor, another feature from a small size house. This minimalist and compact architecture represent the eager to create of a well functioned and beautiful Japanese house design.

Sunday, May 26th 2019. | Home Design