Small beach house decorating ideas

With density of all work which, sometimes there is no time to take vacation to zoo, beach, or going aboard. Because of this, some people will find ways to keep himself in relaxed although the work still piling up, like playing games, hanging out with family, or have a desire to make a home in the middle of the crowded city with a beach house theme. This house will you make with shades like a beach house in general. Here we have some reference.

Small beach house decorating reference

1.Dining Room

Shabby Minimalist

It is a light-simple dining room might be applied in your small beach house. The decoration of furniture: white slipcovers, a shabby white dining table and natural accessories make airy and tranquil.


Serene Bathroom

This bathroom contain with creamy beige floor and tub just like a sandy beach with seashell-trimmed chandelier and narrow mosaic of taupe and aquamarine tiles boarding with a few of coastal elements on tub.

Crish Bathroom

The bathrooms are identical to the white color decorated with a shell-encrusted mirrors and a picture that add a soft impression.


Blue Beach Kitchen

The kitchen is a pale blue surrounded by white cabinets with wood floors blue older. The combination of these three colors is perfect portrait of small beach home of ocean.

Coastal-Toned Kitchen

A beautiful neutral color kitchen is perfect for your small beach home. This kitchen has cabinets, countertops marble, and backsplash to keep you in cooking delicious meals. Plus, an off-white backdrop for bowls, trays, dishware, and also on nautical-style lighting adds to the atmosphere above the beach.

4.Living Room

Colorful living room

A living room painted white-horizontal dotted with a variety of bright colors combined with a pillow, throw, and rug mimic the ocean’s dazzling blues, plus the orange color to create what a bright sunshine on beach.

Casual Living room

It is a living room which has a simple appearance with a wicker armchair and caramel color which giving relax atmosphere.

5.Outdoor on the beach
You can create the atmosphere of the terrace on the beach in the house. For example, you could use some beach chairs (such as: wicker lounge chair) with sand as decorating or surrounded by several beaches plants.
You can add a coral motif on rug in the living room, or hang a few accessories, such as starfish shells, or other accessories that can support beach atmosphere in your small home beach.

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