Top 10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Never let a limited space limit the beauty of your home. Even if you don’t have a lot of space at your bedroom, you can still make it look nice. There are several tips for you who looking for a small bedroom design. The first rule is to play with color schemes. Having a limited space, you are not supposed to choose a lot of different bold color at once. Soft and light color will make your room look more spacious. You can create a classic look with white linen color for the sheets, curtains, and wall. Add some beige or creme furniture will work nicely with it. You can also have one color scheme for the room and furniture, then have a completely different color for the bed. This will make your bed become a center of attention.

The second tips for the small bedroom design is to manipulating the space with lights. It will be really good if you can have a big window at your small room. The big window will supplies lights during the day and create an open and fresh atmosphere for your bedroom. If you can not have the big window, you can replaced it function by placing bright lighting. You can have a ceiling mount lamp as the primary source of light, and add several others at the wall. For choosing the lighting, you have to remember that the brighter your room, the more spacious it will looks.

Avoid a crowded look by letting the wall empty. You still can add some decorative pieces at your room, but remember to placed them just in one spot. For example, you can arranged paintings and photographs above the small cabinet and let the other space empty. There are also a lot of furniture that made for small bedroom design like a bed with container at it base, or bed with cabinet. You can also use your creativity to choose items that can be used as a storage but doesn’t need a lot of space.

Sunday, March 24th 2019. | Bedroom
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