21 Small Container House ideas

Have you ever seen container house before? Container house, like its name, is a house built out of a container. A kind of modern architecture style use container for living house. In this occasion, we offer plenty of pictures showing admirable small container house designs with gorgeous interior and decoration. Don’t miss them!

Let us begin with a photo of a cheerful small container house. This yellow container house uses vibrant colors for its interior. In addition, the sleek white glass folding door becomes a gorgeous entrance to the house. Just right in front of the door, a metal pergola with fabric roof is seen. Under the pergola, the house offers a cozy outdoor with a cedar wood deck. On this deck, we may see two wood folding chairs and black planters.

Have a look at the next photo. It shows an endearing interior of a container house. This small container house offers shabby chic interior. The rustic white wall is adorned with modern artworks. The floor also promotes clean look with white square tiles. Meanwhile, the living room of this house has a cool floral long sofa. It is set in front of practical wall cabinets. Further, the lighting within this house employs modern white track lights that brighten every corner of the interior.

Another image of small container house below is amazing as well. This house promotes chic blue exterior wall. On the top, the rooftop garden design presents various plants and flowers. This house has a veranda with concrete floor. It is featured with two café stools and a lovely orange bench. Moving through sliding glass door, we are offered nice container interior with a blue sofa bed and a modern white table. What a perfect style for a container house. So, are you interested in making one?

Friday, April 26th 2019. | Home Design
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