Comparing the Comfort of Small Danish Style House with the other Nordic Design

What does your feeling if you have change to around the Europe? If I were you, I would like to take it. Of course, you also don’t feel objection if the change truly coming. Definitely, you can get new experience from each place stayed. Europe comes with million aesthetic cases both from the historical and high technology. One of them is the home design which is identical with the county. Nowadays, your trip is until Denmark and I ask you to see the Danish style house in small space. Indeed, it resembles like Spanish or Nordic. Even though, I ensure the coziness of the living keep different.

By the way, the interior décor feels warm with the flawless color scheme. The beautiful master bedroom looms behind the living room TV unit. Indeed, this stylish white wooden storage becomes the nice room divider. Here, I see the grey tone of the bedroom wall along with the accessories. Such as you know, the living area gets the largest size than the other room. There are twin accent chairs, pull, and white sofa slipcover. Each seating décor looks pleasurable with cushions and the through blanket. In the other hand, the space is added with modern concrete fall fireplace. The most important thing the living area is pampering.

Exploring the Eating Space until the Natural Patio Decor

Further, the kitchen diner puts aside exactly in the opposite to the bedroom doorway. This shabby chic rustic space puts under double framed glass chandeliers. It consists of the two tones table and the eccentric folding chairs. Obvious, the dining area adds the delightful centerpiece and the candle light. In addition, the table sets are flanked by two exquisite area rugs. Finish the social area decoration with seeing the kitchen! This one wall interior décor is just spotted aside with mini framed window. Such as you know, the long white pantry cabinet adds brown top and grilled glass doors.

Alright, let’s see the other spaces of bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom décor brings trendy with stripped grey white wall. Further, it is arranged warm from three appliance sets. As usual, it has vanity sets, flush, and the shower room. Those spots apply vintage modern items on the brown tile floor. Meanwhile, the bedroom comes long narrow with glass patio door. Well, find out the bathroom here which closes to the Waverly themed queen bed. Once more information, each room design is enhanced with star ornament. Explore the outdoor decoration too in which the location is outside of the living area. The comfy patio is spotted on lawn with green wall background. Okay, the house is overwhelming!

Friday, March 1st 2019. | Home Design