20 Small Eco House Design ideas

Eco friendly houses are starting to become trend in recent times. It is because people want to have a healthy house with friendly environment. If you are inspired to have an Eco-house, you can proceed to our gallery in which some cool small eco house designs are displayed. Enjoy!

We will present a modern cabin in the first image. This cabin presents welcoming interior with natural qualities. This small cabin showcases a perfect Eco house design. Look at the wood flooring which uses oak wood planks with smooth finishing. The wood chip wall also adds the wood elements inside the interior. On the ceiling, wood planks and wood beams form such traditional and natural ceiling design. Meanwhile, the wood elements are also represented on the furniture. They are square wood coffee table, a rough wood dining table and a wood TV stand.

This one is a picture about a small box house. This house was built with contemporary lines and simple structure. The surroundings look so inviting with open grass area and stone tile pavement. The massive window glazing using extensive glass screens would deliver warm sunlight into the house. Moreover, the flat roof design employed in this house allowed the owner to build a mesmerizing rooftop garden. The garden comes with white concrete pots and rejuvenating greenery.

A house in the third photo serves an Eco-friendly garden. It displays slate tile flooring with grass landscape in the center. On the grass, stone pathways and a tree enhance the gardening idea. The house itself is really connected to the outdoor. It is indicated by the use of large wood folding doors and louvered windows. For the exterior wall, the designer chose wood panels, which reflect natural qualities. Beyond the brick fence enclosed the house, dense trees make the situation so quiet and breezy.

Wednesday, April 17th 2019. | Home Design
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