Small Forest House Design in Winter Vacation

A modern house design, which specialized for a winter, would be a nice choice that you can get. This cubicle house design seems to be a really interesting choice for a winter holiday. The wooden exterior with some glass frames that installed on it would be an amazing way to make a good looking house. Located in the forest, this house looks nice with the natural view.
The cubicle design of this house seems to be a very entertaining feature of it. The wooden materials for the exterior also make the design looks excellent. The glass frames that becomes a window for it would also make the design even more awesome. The oblique roof on it would make the snow falling down and not stuck on it.

Inside the house, wooden material still exposed on it. The wooden flooring and ceiling on it would make the space warmer. Some glass frames that installed allow the inhabitants to view the outdoor nuance from it. The small kitchen design with wooden kitchen island as the focal point would be a nice idea for it. The sleek countertop of this island also creates a unique accent for this house.

On the backside of the house, there is a big sliding glass door, which would connect the indoor design with the outdoor space. The indoor wooden deck design on it would make the house looks so awesome. Enjoying the outdoor view from it would be great even though it is just a simple space.

A cubicle house design seems to be a good choice for a modern house. Even though this modern house design is a small one, but it would be a really endearing choice that you can get. The wooden materials for all corners in this house would make the space warmer. Therefore, it becomes a good choice for a winter shelter.

Sunday, February 24th 2019. | Home Design