20 Small House ideas with Modern Interior Design

Following the trend to always upgrade the house interior is sometimes tiring, and it also fattens the your budget. However, it is somewhat boring to always stay in the same atmosphere from year to years. Therefore, touching the interior with minimal renovation is enough if you just wanna add something new inside the room. Here, you can take some small house modern interior designs for your best personalization plan!

Let’s start from bedroom design! It is not only a modern bedroom design, but it offers you plenty of lavish furniture from floor to ceiling. Looking up to the ceiling, the white purple suspended round design steals the core of the room as the most adorable spot to stare at. Even just added with minimal chandelier, it lifts the luxury instead, so, how can you deny it? Minimalist platform bed, geometrical vanity and round shaped siding are other plush that will cuddle you in this very recommended bedroom! Then, let’s rush to the home library idea! It is a comfortable library design in white tone which is calming and bright. A range of large bookshelves covers the white wall behind, and it is confronted with another sidewall which is full of picture frame target. Not ordinary seating provided in this vibe but the adorable simple floor pillows that minimize the space usage!

A luxurious living room design comes with its stunning furniture that bathes the room with posh look. It offers the greatest open plan ever with curve floor to ceiling glass window treated with awesome chevron patterned modern drape. In addition, the geometrical shaped sofa in the room creates outer space nuance as well as the diamond shaped coffee table before. Even though, the designer also completes this modern room with vintage banquette to balance the lavish tone. Further, there are only some luxurious fixtures are added in the white glamour bathroom. Nothing in the gloomy tone fill the bathroom as it appears in its top look without flaw!

Thursday, February 14th 2019. | Home Design