Cool Small House with Green Landscape and High Nature Technology

Hi guys! Today I discover the chic house for small family. It is located in the midst of the contemporary garden right now. By the way, this nature-friendly living is not only beautiful and good for the environment. Even though, it gives you the better life along with the high technology. Obvious, the house blends the light brown wood with timber.

Okay, it is the mesmerizing façade house with green view around. The lawn is combined with large white concrete deck and the lift down framed pergola. In the other hand, the glass pergola becomes the floor-to-ceiling window for the ground floor. Then, it mixes the red exterior wall color.

Alright, let’s see the backyard décor with some trees and brown wooden deck. The stylish sliding glass door meets with extensive window with diagonal pattern. It brings you to the sleek brown tile floor and the eccentric floating stair. As you know, the stair case is designed from the unfinished wood. Further, it combines the cool chic wall storage. Here, the ground floor has calming sense with intimate lighting. Certainly, this place matches as the living area or the sitting space. Moreover, it is facilitated with black iron fireplace stove. Indeed, between the front and the rear accesses are not far. Nevertheless, the white concrete and the wooden decks are not in one line. One of them is in the right side and the opposite.

Upper Floor Design that depend of your Freedom

Now, I accompany you to walk to the upper level floor. The fact, your trip is perfected with the beautiful simple outdoor view. Besides that, the white low ceiling fan soothes you. Afterward, you will step on the light brown wood tile floor for the spacious space. Further, you can continue the walk to the great open bathroom that closes to the corner door. Here, you are also demonstrated with red wall such as in the outdoor space. Yet, it is not as large as before in which it is looms over the ground floor sliding door.

Well, I directly bring you to the bathroom. This small space only has cool extensive white enamel freestanding tub. In rectangle shape, it faces off the transparent glass wall that blends to the staircase balustrade. Although it is opposite to the glass wall, you keep take a bath with outdoor landscape background. Lastly, it is spacious space with mess fireplace mantel. This space matches for the social area and the next sunroom is recommended for your bedroom. In addition, the bathroom combines the laundry room. The conclusion is perfect!

Saturday, February 16th 2019. | Home Design