Small and Green Idea of Narrow Garden for Minimalist House

What limits you to make your house as fresh as the forest? Nothing, yeah nothing that will obstruct your effort to optimize the nuance of your own retreat. If some people say that they get several troubles due to the size of the house, don’t believe it.

There is nothing impossible, and sure you can make it. Maximizing the narrowest spot in the house is still make sense because putting greenery is no like bringing the whole forest home. Of course, you cannot dream to plant such big tree, but you can have such pretty small garden inside or outside your tiny dwelling!

Minimal Space for Maximal Fruition

There is no need to be pessimistic as you have the same chance with those people living in the countryside with very large yard. Let’s say that you are staying at an apartment with very limited spot to insert even the smallest garden ever, but still an opportunity is waiting for you inside it. You know that today’s trend is bringing the outdoor indoor, so some herbs will be helpful anyway. However, since you are expecting more generous idea, you can look at several pictures of small and green narrow gardens!

Optimizing the small space backyard is amazing to color your modern minimalist house with super fresh outdoor decoration. It is no more than 2,5 meters in width and 3 meters length, but the result is just like a stunning landscape that you might find in some sophisticated mansion. Of course, since your chance to plant on the ground is limited, it is better to draw it vertically. Using some wooden shelves on the wall and even lattice style, you can put plenty of potted plants for unique and fascinating gardening.

The, if the space is no more than a meter in width, it should be a very narrow spot. However, still don’t worry because bringing a concrete planter fitting the size with bamboo shrub on it will be the best solution ever. The awe is not less than the previous idea, and the beautiful tone of the yellowish and greenish are just so heartbreaking.

Putting full of effort on the siding in the backyard is another idea that you can easily make. It looks simple with only some pots with various plants on them, but by adding that mossy wooden stairs, the result is changed into that gorgeous natural garden design. Then, making use of topiary is a contemporary style that you can try!

Sunday, February 3rd 2019. | Garden