How to maximizing space in a small kitchen

How to Get Efficient Space to Work and Gather Comfortably in a Small Kitchen

Design trend may change every year, but kitchen is always considered as the heart of a house. It always becomes the most frequently used room. Cooking, gathering and entertaining guests can be done there. Kitchen truly has very great importance, but it doesn’t mean that the space should be big. Depending on size of the house where you live, you may have to be satisfied for just having a small kitchen. Here are a few smart but practical tips to maximize space in a small kitchen.

A kitchen ideally should provide enough space for one to move freely, so cooking will be easier there. Therefore, don’t ever let any pieces or items to take a lot of the available floor space. Mount racks on the walls to hang various cooking utensils, like woks, pots, spoons and cups. This way will even enrich the walls’ texture and create visual interest. If you decide to install cabinets, then fill them maximally. The door space should also be used, but remember to keep neatness.

Countertops are the pieces that take up most of the floor space in a kitchen. Therefore, you are required to install them in the right area. For a small or narrow kitchen, the countertops should be set to integrate with the walls, so the flow of your movement there will not be blocked or restricted. Galley will be the best layout to apply. Also make sure that the work surfaces offer an efficient design for cooking. They ideally have built-in sink and stove. For homeowners who cannot find a countertop with size that fits their kitchen space, they’ll need to contact the manufacturer and order custom design.

Don’t Ignore Your Personal Style

When dealing with a small kitchen, don’t just think about space efficiency. You also need to give the room a stylish touch which suits your personality. If you are a white lover, don’t hesitate to apply the color on the walls or cabinets. White walls and cabinets will even make the kitchen to appear bigger. Then, check whether there’s still available space or not in the kitchen, as you are allowed to incorporate a small round breakfast table. It will function as a centerpiece when the family members gather. Kitchen is also an excellent space to display decorative items. So, you may place your favorite flowers, vases and sculptures there. Hanging a few artistic paintings on the walls is also allowed. They must be helpful to create a more positive atmosphere.

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