Cool Spiral Stair for Small Space Ideas and Inspirations for You

Some people find the problem in connecting the floors when there is only small space. In the other side, the stair use is the most important priority. Well, this article will help your with the spiral stair use.

The first design shows us about beautiful spiral floating stair concept with full wooden ornament is waiting you. In this kind of design, you do not need to finish it with new color. Just let it be in its original color and the natural beauty will come from your full-wooden spiral stair design. In the middle of your stair, it is okay to place a wood pool vertically. Ut can be used to strengthen your construction and it is beautiful to bring classical nuance.

Go to the second one, it shows us the luxurious-spiral simple stair with iron material. To create both modern and artistic nuance, you can apply floral-spiral ornament along the sides of your stairs. For the color, black color application in your floral-spiral stair ornament is the best way. In the other hand, white color finishing in the stair itself will be beautiful completion for your luxurious-spiral floating stair design. To show up your beautiful floral-spiral stair ornament, do not forger to apply good lighting design in your room in order to make your beautiful-luxurious stair design shines beautifully.

In the third picture, the beauty of spiral stair application within dark-wooden color finishing will amaze us. Since today is the modern 21st century, you can apply some iron bars in your spiral stair and finish it with white color application. The combination between white and wooden color will make your room gets its more modern nuance from your wooden-spiral flaoting stair.

And now, it is your time to choose which is your lovely design that will be the best applied to your room. Never wait too long, because you need the connector soon.

Unlike other staircase types, such as curved and quarter landing staircases, spiral one is more appropriate for small room since it tends to consume less space. Apart from that, you may find mostly the spiral stairs have intriguing sculptural look which can be used to improve the appearance of your small room in your small residence. Here they are!

Let’s start from this gorgeous black sculptural steel stair as one among spiral stairs for small space you can refer. Installed in a small, micro apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this sculptural stair fills the corner space perfectly and bridges the compact living area with loft bedroom above. The sleek black paint makes this spiral stair stands out flawlessly in this extremely light and airy tiny apartment. Apart from that, don’t you think that this staircase shape can serve beautifully as this apartment decoration at the same time? This is another example of sculptural metal staircase in similar matte black finish. We personally adore how this staircase design looks truly gorgeous and sleek at the same time. The matching matte black column is connected with robust and thick steel staircase treads to establish the cool industrial inspired touch to complement this minimalist concrete interior design.

This intriguing white spiral staircase surely will go without being unnoticed. The large white column it wraps is matched by floating white staircase treads. The staircase railing in similar simple white also looks truly awesome, especially as it is designed fluidly to follow the spiral design with the angular wall and ceiling of this small room.

Well, speaking of adding visual interest into your small living place, you can complement your spiral staircase with wood element as alternative to metal or steel. For example, just take a look at this gorgeous modern wooden spiral staircase for a residence in Tokyo. The white interior is matched with thick wall-mounted wooden treads to establish a simple but sophisticated visual attraction. Other way, what about wooden spiral staircase for small space in this apartment in Porto?

Friday, February 15th 2019. | Home Decor
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