Stunning Split House Design With Wide Glass Window In Facades

Everybody will adore these Stunning Split House Design with Wide Glass Window in Facades ideas. Nowadays, you could build a house with many glass panels instead of bricks! This house designs will be more contemporary and modern. It could represent the up to date personality of you. If you love to spend time at patio zone, this idea will suitable for you. Sometimes rain comes and disturbs your peaceful evening time at your patio. However, this glass panel’s idea will solve all of your problems with rain.

More in this split level house design, you could combine outdoor and indoor patio zone. The idea is to use same wood floorboard for two separate rooms; outside and inside. For the outside patio, you could place some patio furniture. You could select white neutral color for your patio chair sets. Make them look more cheery with colorful cushions. Another option is to generate green color so you could get natural and fresh patio ambiance.

After the outside zone is done, then you could design the indoor patio. Here, the glass panel’s idea is needed. First, you could get black frame for the glass panels and doors. This cubicle room could be used for indoor patio. It has the same parquet floors with your indoor patio. So, you could still relax at patio although there is rain or too intense sun. Some green plants will make your patio seems more fresh and natural.

Beside the patio, you could use this idea for your cabin house. Usually, inside part of your cabin will looks dark and gloomy. This problem could be solved easily if you have broad glass window. Outside part of your cabin wall could be painted in white color. Don’t forget about small nice stairs to get inside your cabin. Exactly, these split level house design ideas could be good choice to spend your entire summer.

Wednesday, March 27th 2019. | Home Design