13 Steel Staircase Design ideas

In every interior design, there will be a focal point becomes the distraction agent. A room with no focal point is flat and plain, no spirit to stay even to go out! In some cases, you might often find staircase becoming the very first core of a home interior for its giant and majestic outlook. Aside of the importance of the heart of the house, staircase is the one leading the occupant even guest to the upper floor of every retreat. Therefore, it should be stylish as well as safe for its giant design!

A steel staircase is usually designed in spiral model enlace on a firm iron pole in a house. it belongs to a space saver design as the stairs goes vertically from the floor to the upper floor. Compared to the conventional stairs, which slopes and needs more space to build, this design is much more practical. With the same steels railing added, it should be a strong and comfortable design to step and hold on climbing to the top! The next design is not too different from the previous one, only the bit sloping idea that touch the outlook with distinctive feature. It is a good solution for a home with mini loft area above the living space. So damn adorable!

In addition, to bring glamour outlook from the steel stairs that you have, combining the design to glass railing will work. Letting the steels steps goes one by one to the upper footage, the glass railing will blast every single inch with light for sparkling effect. It is best to invade a home with industrial style, I think, but it doesn’t limit the use in another style. look at how pretty the stairs leading every guest to the house leans right on the front foyer. Beside of interior use, steels stairs is also useful for outdoor need!

Saturday, February 2nd 2019. | Home Decor
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