Steps In Building Two Story House

A two-story house design means a house that would have two levels without the basement included. Most of today’s homeowners prefer having a two-story house due to its economical aspect.

Two-story house design is considered more economical than the one-story house since the footprint of the house can be reduced, though they have the same square footage. It is necessary to think about the square footage, the floor plan specs, the number of bedrooms, and the architectural style you’d like to have.

Two-story house design is perfect for newly weds who are starting new life, for growing families, and even for those wealthy people who have many companies. As you browse through the internet, you’ll definitely find many ideas and options you can freely choose to create a two-story house. What is so great about two-story house is that it allows you to have as many ideas as possible. There is no such limitation as you have many rooms you want to play with.

Before looking at the two-story house designs, you need to have your own preferences and estimate the budget as well. The sizes of two story house are ranging from 1,300 square feet until at least 4,000 square feet. Not only the sizes, but the styles also vary like Beach, Cape Cod, Contemporary, Craftsman, Farmhouse, and many more. As for the interior design, you need to think of some items you can hardly live without. There are also interior aspects you can choose; a fireplace, wraparound porch, French doors, greenhouse, etc. Furthermore, the in-law suite is also another option you can make.

It is quite easy in finding the two-story house design. as soon as you decided the items you want for the house, do not hesitate in contacting a local home builder or an architect. Besides, you can also opt for plans taken from home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menard’s.

For more preferences, you can browse the two-story house design ideas. For great sources, you can find them here; e, homeplans_the house designer, dongardner, and a lot more. The more sources you get, the better your house would be. To sum up, designing two-story house is challenging in the way that it can be provided with many beautiful ideas, making you harder to choose from. The point is, always make sure that the house can give you happiness without having to live in a luxurious apartment and wasting much of your money.


Friday, April 19th 2019. | Home Design