The Most Beautiful Resort that You Should Put on the List

Although the summer starts to an end, but I think keep planning to the next summer is nothing bad. A trip to a small and lonely island must be a challenging idea, or you prefer to go to a beach or even a mountain. Everything in summer is always good and lovely, but for a short vacation bathed with luxury, resort could be the best choice of all. There are several most beautiful resort that should be put on your list. Here you go!

A big rayfish seems to float above the blue water of quiet sea, but wait! Is that truly a rayfish? No, that is a range of floating hut made for an exotic resort! Awesome! Yeah, those black floating things are all best retreat for some people on vacation. They take the still water from the beach lengths to the middle sea for challenging and original feeling of coastal living. It is truly a great trip for you to spend the holiday here. It looks like the nuance of Maldives, so it is worth to put the resort in the itinerary!

Capturing every moment with lot of fish and other creatures beneath the mirror like sea water must be sophisticated. Yeah, it is only the resort nests and stacks to a rocky mountain with green lush vegetation overlooking very clear sea. People don’t need to go far from the bed where they lush at night because the scene takes scene only beneath the floor. Turquoise is the combination between the blue sky, green vegetation and also the pure water. Awesome!

Further, nothing is more awakening but catching sunset right from the resort where you live for a while. It is the wide deck which overlook mountain in distance surrounded by ocean. It is always blue, orange and dark to shoot the dawn, and the feeling you can imagine it yourself!

Wednesday, February 6th 2019. | Exterior