Tiling Bathroom Ideas

When you tiling bathroom, do it yourself or let out by an approved contractor. If you want to tile your bathroom, you will save yourself not only wages, but you can also choose second choice tiles, which you are considerably cheaper.

Materials and tools

Glazed wall tiles for bathrooms and other rooms usually have dimensions of 100×100, 200×100, 150×150, 200×150 and 200×200 mm. There are also decorative strips and edges for finishing available, as well as diamond-shaped, six-and eight-sided tiles. Such ceramic wall tiles are not durable and can not be used as floor tiles (other can usually).

Ceramic tiles are classified into four classes of hardness, which class is suitable for 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, and class 3 and 4 for heavier use, such as in the kitchen, hall and workrooms. So-called split tiles are also suitable for demanding situations. You can recognize them by the somewhat irregular appearance and with broken ribs on the underside. DHG-tiles (double-fired) can also take a beating while tiles (single-fired) are relatively soft. There are also all kinds of natural stone floor tiles and concrete on the market.

Buy enough tiles, ie 5 to 10% more than you would need. According to the area calculation That extra tiles to loss through breakage and cut to catch and keep for later replacing damaged tiles. Several tiles on Note the number of edges of the tiles are glazed (needed for making external corners). When tiles are often fittings, such as skirting and corresponding angles available, in the bathroom improve drainage and cleaning easier. And, very important: watching a good non-slip floor tiles in, whether they are intended for the kitchen or the bathroom.

The means by which the tile is being put, is dependent on the type of tile, the use and the substrate. Tilers often use a thick mortar bed to level a wall and put together the tiles, but for the DIY actually comes only gluing tiles on a flat, clean surface into account. There are several different types of tile adhesive available, whether or not to use different water-based, in that they are suitable for rigid or somewhat flexible substrates or for the collection of surface irregularities. The “open time” (which determines how large the area is that you can rub at once) and the curing time can vary greatly. Please read the instructions carefully. For filling the joints, once the tiles are put, you can use add powder or add pasta and the latter is slightly elastic. Both are available in different colors.

Besides good measuring and marking tools, you have to put tile not need much extra. A simple, regular toothed piece of plastic that the tile adhesive is spread, and a tile cutter are most important. There are different types of seal cutters available, ranging from simple brackets to cutting tile saws with diamond saw. Tile cutters are also at most hardware stores for rent. After cutting the tile he is broken by him, like a glass, over an edge to break down. There are also various types of special pliers crushing, but with a good pair of pliers is also a long way.

Do you have a plan to tiling the bathroom?

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