Tips and Ideas for Halloween Home Decoration Ideas

Halloween night is here! Celebrating the night of October 31st is becoming more and more common in our country, and is the perfect excuse to dress up and party at home. In GosiaDesign we give you some tricks or ideas to decorate your house in the most terrifying way thanks to Halloween crafts.

Decorate the terrace, balcony or porch. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space in your home, it’s best to place Halloween decoration ideas there. Use orange-colored lights to set the area, and add pumpkins everywhere. You can also make very simple ghost garlands, just add white cloth to your bulbs and paint them with a permanent marker.

Terrifying balloons. Every party can’t miss the balloons. Buy orange or black balloons and then paint with a color marker (depending on the color of the balloon). Create silhouettes of pumpkins, spiders, witches, ghosts … put them all over the house!

Pumpkin bucket. To keep your drinks cold, it will be enough with half a pumpkin, a knife to empty it and ice cubes. Put the drinks in and ready. Your guests will be surprised by this great idea!

Decorate the doors. Use colored cardboard to shape the doors of the entire house. Create characters by cutting out the cards and glue them to the doors. Simple and original!

If you have a garden, just in a graveyard. Use wooden sticks to create crosses that you can nail on the grass. The cardboard is ideal to transform it into graves and put them on the ground. Do not forget the flowers or obituaries and amuse all your neighbors for being so original.

Add lights on the outside. Decorate the exterior of home with fun colored lights, red, green, yellow, black… never mind! You’ll get a creepy touch at the entrance to your home. Don’t forget to put pumpkins lit everywhere.

Remember to buy trinkets in case the little ones decide to make you a visit to play the trick or deal. From GosiaDesign, we wish you a happy Halloween! Don’t forget to visit our website!

Friday, May 17th 2019. | Home Decor