How to Transform Your Dwelling with Stone House Design Ideas

Aside of many styles that become the trend from year to year related to home design, you are also recommended to think about a unique design of stone house. Yeah, it looks like traditional and out of fashion, but now it is the time to romantize the past! As the world is getting crowded, you need kind of escapism, which brings you back to several years ago, and stone house is the perfect solution. Below are some stone house design ideas that you must see!

Taking place in very cool area with mountainous surrounding, a stone house looks like a gorgeous villa from King Edward. Its European style is strongly maintained with the long design and some glass windows added. Arched gate to reach the pool in the backside of the house is vintage with stone staircase leading to the lower ground. Don’t worry about the comfort because there are some pool day beds that will give you awesome treatment of having serene relaxation in that precious place. The next stone house is proudly designed to imitate a cave, so living in the house means nothing but to enjoy the peaceful nuance just like the elder. Here and there are arched designs for both the doors and windows. Having family gathering in this spot, you will feel it like a royal dining space!

To site on barren land aside dry mountain, a stone house appears like an oase. It plays as the single luxurious treasure in such lack area. The combination of concrete siding with stone wall is truly awesome to mirror modern style. Feeling grateful to the wooden accent tower added the design that gives perfect natural accent in such infertile land. The pool in front of the house is another plush that you can enjoy every single second with unlimited access to the sphere. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it!

Tuesday, April 9th 2019. | Home Design