awesome tropical house designs ideas in seaside

hello friend..long ago I wanna have a tropical house design and located in the beach.and usually most people call it the seaside house . And picture below in one of dream house with elegant design located in the beach , maybe you wanna see it . when building a house, the thing to note is the climate of area of residence. Incidentally today we live in the tropics. The tropical climate is only visited by two seasons, rainy and hot. Rain and heat could be an obstacle for your home if not designed properly.Home design for tropical climates have the comfort of the occupants. If you are going to put up buildings in tropical climates, then you should consult with the appropriate architecture for the design of the rain or hot weather. Resilience building materials become the foundation of design for heavy rain attack can make your home was flooded or maybe you are busy with a leaky roof.

Residential design and build for tropical climates

Thus, the design for the tropical climate should be taken into account possibilities that occur during the change of seasons from summer to rain or vice versa so that you and your family feel welcome to stay at home.To anticipate the indoor humidity, the design of your home by using a modification of the function or ventilation openings, such as windows and doors. The goal of optimization is opening so that sunlight can enter the house and illuminate the house. functions besides sunlight can break down the humidity in the house.Weathering of wood and mossy floor could be due to the lack of intake of sunlight into the house. But the incoming sunlight will destroy any excess material home too, then invite the sun in proportion sufficient. Strategies for designing it that windows and doors are built facing that breathes air and sunshine of the vertical and horizontal directions.In addition, so that the incoming sunlight does not actually cause the room became stuffy and hot, then every opening in the house should be designed in a tropical ideal. Aperture is the ideal aperture adapted to the direction of the sun, or is controlled by opening your windows or openings to the type of room that still can capture sunlight either in the morning or at dusk.

tropical house architecture design and plans

By building openings in the roof can be one of the tropical house designs to choose from. Roof openings with a mix of small garden in the center of the home can spread the light more evenly throughout the house.Furthermore, the climate also receive a fairly high rainfall in the tropics should be a concern also in the tropical house design. For designing you should concentrate on this part of the outside or tile roofs. Consult with the architecture of the material to be used in the roof, and what kind of tile you select should be strong facing heavy rain.

tropical house decorating ideas

In addition, the roof structure must be considered when designing the roof. Are suggested for the roof not too many sharp curves decoration, because it will stop the flow of rain water to the ground. That would happen inundation on the sidelines of the bunch ornate roof, if the length is not the case last summer, the water will evaporate long anyway. So it will easily happen weathering wood and tile will become mossy. Effect sequel will be roof leaks and rain water dripping into the well as if it will be allowed to drop waterfall in your home.Thus, choose a specific home design for tropical climate is a design that has a strong structure, and quality for your safe and comfortable stay in the house in the middle of a tropical climate. Although the priority function of building quality structures while remaining aesthetic aspects should not be overlooked. Because it is the ideal home home structurally and aesthetically balanced so that evoke comfort and harmony among family members.

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