Unique Glass House with 3D Visualization

Have you ever heard of this Glass House before? Glass is a modern material that looks very great to be used in the house. As you can see in some pictures in the site, the glass material used for most of the house.

Unlike any other house, this house use glass material in the wall. However, when you are using glass material this much, it will be warm inside.

modern house material with glass ideas

And they use the technique that will make it a little bit cooler by adding ventilation in the top side of the wall. The glass material of Glass House Ideas is using a thick material and is very good. This glass house is located in the pedestrian that is far away from the urban life. In this house, you can see that it is standing in the center of large trees. And next to it is the river. From the location, it is just right to place the glass house next to the river that will make the house not too hot inside.

The wooden material used inside totally fit well with the glass material. When you are first entering the house, you will see the living room that has more than 3 different styles of comfortable chairs. The chairs are also using a brown color that is fit with the wooden material as well.

Next to the living room is the dining table that is very large that can be used for 10 people at the same time. And when you want to go to the lounge, you have to go across a small path. What I like from this house is that the private area such as bedroom is covered with the wooden wall, so that people from the outside can’t see it barely based on Glass House Information.

Sunday, March 24th 2019. | Home Design