19 Unique Roof Design

The main function of a roof is to protect the house from sunlight, rain, and so on. When that min function had been done, roof can be the beautiful decoration for your housing, too. How it will be then? Let’s check this out.

Entering the first design, we will be amazed with how the futuristic atmosphere build over the glass roof material. The choice in bringing transparent glass with stainless steel frame is the supporting environment to realize this design. This kind of design is well applied in the high building with minimalist housing size. However, this is also nice to be set in another housing style.

In the second design, the modern-unique wooden roof will attract us soon. The bravery to not use any paint finishing is the main key how unique this design is. Again, with the combination with wide window in white color finishing, your modern-unique wooden roof concept will get its perfection. To show more unique soul, it is nice to set your roof in waving zone and not in the landing surface. The other advantages of this design is that your housing design will look so naturalistic and it will much more again with the help of garden plantation.

If you already have unique housing design as the third design does, it is easier to set the unique roof concept. Shelf application can be your way to create your simple-unique roofing design for your modern-minimalist house. For your lighting solution, it is not the bad idea to use mirror and glass application in the same time. It is not only effective to show your simple soul but also it is successful in creating classical-unique roofing idea.

After all, uniqueness is related to your own soul and thought. Let’s decide your choice and show us how unique you are.

Wednesday, April 24th 2019. | Exterior