Design of a Small House with Unique Sense

Having a luxurious and spacious house design must be a dream for many people, but not few of them deserve a small one instead. It is normal as people taste is always different from one person to another. For those loving the small design thinks that the design is easier to maintain and of course it fits their small budget too. Perfecting your plan of having a small house design, how if you dig more inspiration in the following post?

Living near the north pole of the earth must be a bit difficult for many people. Icy nuance is always be the best partner of any season, and hard winter is months ahead. Nothing to do but to comfort yourself in a warm house design offers you great access to the outdoor without going outside. It is a black small house with super large glass door letting you to see the snowflakes dropping down on the ground and covering the leave of the pine tree in the front of the house. This house must be the best spot to escape from the cold with warm bedroom on the attic!

Still in the same idea of open concept, a house is designed in unique style that will change your mind immediately! It has curve siding idea painted in white to contrast the surrounding, which is green full of lush vegetation. Modern lighting is the core of this sophisticated architectural house to glow the interior with joyful nuance. Finally, it is the glass siding and door that share all of the goodness inside to outside. In addition, a lake house must be a popular idea that tempts your mind from time to time. Imagining to spend the evening right on the rustic wooden deck floating on the lake edge is just awesome idea that you dream to have in the real live. For the house itself, wooden is the best material to deal with cold weather! Isn’t gorgeous?

Friday, March 8th 2019. | Home Design