20 Wall Stickers ideas for Kids Bedroom

Kid’s bedroom wall would be more adorable if it is filled with cheerful images. Nowadays, there are a lot of items you can put on your kids room wall such as wall arts, decals, and so on. If you want to keep everything easy, use wall stickers. Just peel and stick them to your wall and it’s done. Here are some wall stickers you can put on kids room walls.

We will take you to see the fabulous kid’s bedroom with modern touches. Pink shades represented by the furnishings are so endearing. The pink kid’s bedroom set involves a pink hardwood crib with throw pillows, a modern pink kids closet, and pink cabinet set. Pink abstract curtains ornamented the clear glass windows on the right. The pink themed wall has some really good wall stickers. They are butterfly stickers. These PVC film stickers help to build fun atmosphere in this interior.

The following shows an image of kids’ bedroom with awesome decoration. A red racing car bed is placed across a red closet. White room divider separates the bedroom to a living area. In this area, we will see a white love seat beside a kids study desk with swivel chair. The ceiling decor employs some posters put on the plasterboard. In addition, this cool kids room has light blue wall with a splendid cartoon wall sticker. This vinyl wall sticker is very adorable.

Colorfulness is the main attribute this bedroom has. The kids’ bedroom uses colorful items such as rainbow sheet, rainbow mat, and cabinets with colorful drawers. There is also a blue shelf on the wall. The white wall features another cool sticker design. The 3D wall stickers showcase marvelous flower images. These cool shelf adhesive vinyl film stickers are easy to install in any kind of wall style.

Monday, April 8th 2019. | Bedroom
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