20 White and Green Bedroom Ideas

Some people said that green and white are representing the truth and the wrong; good and bad. How if those two colors applied in the bedroom design and it will be? Let’s find the answer here.
The first picture shows us the modern-luxurious green-white bedroom design in wide bedroom space. You can apply your white-green design to the bed frame and also in the bed cover design. Then, you can match your flooring design with white marble application. Are you concerning the wall? Green color finishing is the nice idea since the theme is green and white bedroom ideas.

Move to the second one, we can see simple-modern green-white bedroom design that is combined with beautiful lighting design. Here, white bed frame is the nice idea then complete it with the green linings over there. In the floor, green-wooden plaster finishing can be beautiful completion anyway. In the wall design, white color finishing till the ceiling part is not the bad idea. The other advantages is that your bedroom will get the wider view. Then, we go to the lighting designs in here. Tubular hanging lamp with white color finishing is the best complement for shining up your bedroom design. IF you want still more, white table lamp will be your answer.

How your luxurious green-white bedroom design is? You can see the reference in the third picture. Green-white decoration can be matched in your bed design and bedroom cabinet. To give new nuance in the wall, floral wallpaper with green-white color design inside. For the floor, green rug application can be your another completion in order to beautify your luxurious green-white bedroom concept. In the last, white lighting design can complete your bedroom’s beauty. Of course, it is still in green-white design.

Well, some people said that green and white is about good and bad. But, you can say different in your green-white design over your bedroom design.

Tuesday, April 30th 2019. | Bedroom
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