White Exterior of the House with a Geometry and Minimalist Black and White Interior

It’s one of the coolest modern seaside houses in the world. The white exterior boasts complex geometry that has attracted the attention of many design lovers. From top view, the residence appears like a very beautiful crescent moon. The modern dwelling also has glass walls which deliver bold inviting impression to people. A refreshing pool is another attraction that you can get on the house exterior. While swimming in the pool, the house owners are also able to enjoy the amazing views of green garden and blue ocean.

White color also dominates the house interior. However, some black furniture pieces are incorporated to create variation in look. Combining black and white is also a way to bring elegance and classiness. The person who has designed this house must be very smart. He or she is not an ordinary designer! Modern white sofa blends perfectly with a black coffee table in the living room. Sitting on the sofa and seeing ocean scene through glass walls are the most enjoyable activities to do there. Black chairs and TV storage are other modern pieces accommodated by the area. It’s one of the most awesome living rooms ever.

Beautiful chandelier hanging over a black rectangular table evokes luxury feel in the dining space. Black chairs with lovely white cover surround the table while providing comfortable seating to enjoy meals. There are more than eight chairs placed there; it indicates that the house occupant is a big family. Since the dining space is set near glass walls, it also offers wonderful blue ocean view. Recessed lights make the space appear more appealing and brighter. There are many great modern houses, but this seaside residence is the most impressing one for me so far. The designer has completed a work that many people will always admire and remember it.

Friday, May 10th 2019. | Home Design