78 Beautiful Wooden Gazebo Design Ideas for Garden

areapl.com – The wooden gazebo can be a good idea to serve you a wonderful place for seclusion. Just look at the endearing wooden gazebo designs we compiled for this post. Do you need a relaxing outdoor spot outside your home? If you love being in seclusion doing whatever you like, it is always nice to have a gazebo built in your backyard.

The natural surroundings of this backyard evoke a soothing feel that is perfect for seclusion. The backyard is enclosed with natural wood fences and big trees beyond them. In the corner of this backyard, the wooden gazebo becomes the perfect seclusion spot. This gazebo is constructed with four strong teak wood pillars. For the roofing, palm thatches are used. Under this gazebo, the owner put wicker sofas and armchairs. More amazingly, there is also a big screen to give some entertainment for this gazebo design.

This lovely Japanese garden will be discussed next. This backyard design has rejuvenating grass and natural bamboo fences. To add coziness in this exterior, an outdoor gazebo is added. It is a traditional wooden gazebo with bamboo structure and wooden roof. The gazebo also offers shoji doors to enhance the Japanese vibe. Inside the gazebo, a small tea table collaborates with some Japanese cushions. Right in front of the gazebo, you are shown beautiful gardening idea with natural stones and bonsai trees.

A Moroccan courtyard is seen in the last image. This courtyard area has breezy palm trees on it. Meanwhile, the presence of an exotic wooden gazebo makes this courtyard a perfect place to chill. The gazebo uses cedar wood structure beautified with carvings. The gazebo also adorned with exotic curtains and black wicker furniture set within it. Some statues are placed outside the gazebo as well. All the gazebos provide rejuvenating corner relaxation for the outdoor.

Decorating Outdoor Area with Wooden Gazebo

Gazebo becomes new outdoor trends these days. Gazebo serves you a secluded spot to chill out and enjoy the outdoors. In order to inform you about gazebo design and styles, we present these images of outstanding wooden gazebos. So, let’s see if one of those gazebos will fit our outdoor style.

A pretty white wooden gazebo on a large green yard, enhanced by lovely hanging flower pots and small plants asides. The octagonal shape and beautiful siding ornaments could bring a modest look without leaving its elegant performing.

Furthermore, this one is an outdoor design that will make you feel safe and cozy. With green landscape and wooden gazebo, this area is a perfect retreat to visit after a hard day. This backyard has a gorgeous focal point in its wooden gazebo. This log gazebo is constructed from sturdy cedar wood is resistant to weather. Also, inside the gazebo, a log dining set will serve a perfect gathering spot for you and your family.

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Such a perfect spot for a seclusion! Wonderful wooden gazebo with two small bridges from two different ways where you can see a fishpond beneath. Completed by a set of the wooden seat under the simple roof and looks great with the unpainted woods material also the fascinating landscape.
An open-beamed roof gazebo as an additional outer part of the house could create the intimacy among families, friends and relatives. Furnished with cozy outdoor seats made of woods and surrounded by green plants.
Magnificent planting surrounds this inviting white wooden gazebo with layered roof design. A pair of black chair available inside along with beautiful carved woods ornament.
Gorgeous outdoor kitchen under a hardwood gazebo with brick vanity and dining bar. A big fireplace decorates the place with its warmth ahead is a delightful dining set in classic style.
Lovely hexagonal gazebo made of natural logs and thatched roof. Perfectly stands on an outdoor wooden deck with benches and nearby the dense trees, accentuating its natural wooden color.
A big brown wooden gazebo with blossom flower plants alongside the pool, designed with natural woods and two-piled roof shaped octagonal. You can add some furniture or just leave it empty. A splendid place for an outdoor party.
Remarkable works of art applied on an outdoor gazebo. Designed with hardwood canopy supported by four Roman-style pillars and enhanced by a rustic stone fireplace. It also furnished by rattan seats and lovely hanging flowery plants surrounded by a calm lake view.
A shady wooden gazebo with a dark brown roof color stands next to a small green house on the backyard. Furnished with wooden benches and a simple table, surrounded by beautiful plants and white brick path.
An inviting gazebo made of natural woods of pillars, ceiling and wall panel. A big stone fireplace attached aside the grill along with outdoor coffee and dining sets. This place is decorated with beautiful hanging bulbs a nice green garden design.

Fascinating Wooden Gazebo Designs as the garden decoration

Are you dreaming of outdoor space that promises cozy nuance and serenity? Adding a wooden gazebo could be the answer you are looking for. Wooden gazebo creates welcoming outdoor gathering spot or secluded retreat. Behold these images featuring the most rejuvenating wooden gazebo designs.

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Let us start by presenting this fascinating gazebo in a dense wood area. The gazebo is meticulously crafted using cedar wood material. The gazebo features appealing arched entrance with astonishing wood structure. Meanwhile, the gazebo floor is concrete pavement coated with slate tiles that give natural qualities. Inside the gazebo, you can sit comfortably with timeless traditional wooden chairs and a wooden bench. Moreover, this cool gazebo idea also shows unique hip roof style. Finally, climbing plants accessorize the gazebo and add natural attributes.

Marvelous backyard design in traditional Japanese style with beautiful gazebo made of woods and bamboos along with typical lower table and zen garden. Located nearly at the corner next to the fence, decorated by a simple bridge with lovely pond beneath surrounded by pebbles and plants following the stone path on the grass.
The fascinating gazebo made of natural woods featuring a stone fireplace towards the cozy wicker seats also a classy dining bar next to the grill. The bow shape of the roof and circled brick paving make this gazebo looks gorgeous along with the lovely pendants and flowery plants decoration. The casement windows created to give a homey semi-indoor nuance.

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Enchanting almost-octagonal gazebo constructed by half-stone wooden pillars and stone wall also an attractive roof design. This gazebo contains dining set on a stone flooring also a built-in fireplace and some hanging ornaments. Surrounding is a pretty flowery yard with green grass and high wooden fencing idea.
Fabulous wooden gazebo with dark brown rattan seats and stone fireplace under a lower pyramid roof and wooden paneling design. Placed on a big stone flooring following the path and surrounded by green planting and natural stones, completed with a barbeque set.
A delightful outdoor dining area under a simple natural wooden gazebo on a nice deck surrounded by large green court and curvy sidewalk. Enhanced by hanging flowery pots and green plants.
A calm outdoor area with wonderful deck aside from the pond and black rattan seats under a wooden gazebo. The roof of the gazebo is imitating the Japanese shrine along with other traditional stone ornaments and surrounded by dense greeneries.
A scenic painted wooden gazebo featuring some cozy turquoise-cushioned seats and unique wooden table designed with simply steps and pyramid roof. From the gazebo you can enjoy the beautiful lake and forest views.
Adorable wooden gazebo on a tile paving with small hexagonal shape and pretty carved woods. Furnished with cute round table and stools on wooden flooring, a perfect place for a me-time or having coffee for two. Take refreshing surroundings which are the green grass, plants also a natural forest at the backside.
This elegant wooden gazebo shaped in a semi-house located nearby the pine forest. The natural color of the wood material and its green roof blend perfectly with the nature surrounding. Stands on a concrete flooring with wonderful cut of planks and arched panels, furnished by pretty wooden seats and a nice entrance.
Majestic gazebo applying the middle East architecture with dark brown wooden pillars and compound roof design. This big gazebo also features a black sofa with assorted pillows and puffs, decorated by black-white curtains and some stone ornaments. Having the ornate carving and traditional lamps give a strong ethnic nuance.
Kind of unique shape of a wooden gazebo but charming indeed. The polished and beautiful wooden carving on the pillars matches the paneling and winged roof design. High-quality rattan chairs and L-shaped outdoor kitchen bar featured inside along with a rustic stove. A great brick paving used as the flooring surrounded by the green yard.
Fantastic gazebo with mostly made of stones on the pillars, flooring also the fireplace with its firewoods storage on both sides. The hardwoods material patched on the ceiling and the upper frames. Furnished by lovely black seats with cushions and pillows also a folding round coffee table and beautiful floor lamp. At the outer side of the gazebo, there is a set of the wrought iron chair under a shady umbrella.
This modern gazebo presents a minimalist style of its design. Having just one big hard wooden pillar combined with strong stone panels to support the upper beams. Stylish rattan seats set before a built-in fireplace so you can enjoy the beautiful landscape contains of green and flowery plants.
A wide modern gazebo designed in octagonal shape following its wooden deck on a large courtyard. The pillars made of light steel to support the minimalist umbrella roof idea. A curvy dark brown outdoor sofa with big round ottoman furnish the gazebo along with some plants in pots.
You definitely love this gazebo. Using the original design of an old Western carriage, not including the horses, you will feel a different sense while inside. The patched T-shaped wooden table flanked between the face-to-face wooden seats next to the window. Build a simple wooden staircase to step in also beautify its look by adding lovely curtains and ornaments.
Looking this image will make you think that you are in a small open rustic kitchen, right? Nope, you are in an outdoor gazebo. Great logs construction and woods paneling make this gazebo in a perfect shape of a semi-indoor kitchen. A rustic stone stove stands at one side along with simple racks and a small versatile table. Then you can have a delightful dining on a nice wooden dining set a few steps from the stove.
Having a gazebo for an outdoor theater would be a great idea, this simple gazebo for example. Using four strong unpainted beams supporting the thatched roof along with its fabulous framing. Enhanced by modern outdoor rattan set surrounding a firepit table before the large screen.

Let’s check out this photo for a splendid outdoor space. This backyard outdoor design showcases white concrete fence and unique geometric pavement. In the corner of this awesome backyard, the wooden gazebo steals the spotlight. This gazebo offers classy lacquered wood structure and outstanding black roof shingles. You can see bamboo and plywood also included in the gazebo design as well. Meanwhile, the owner fills the gazebo with an outdoor kitchen set and a luxury outdoor dining set. What a perfect spot this gazebo is.

An interesting gazebo made of stone pillars and wooden roof design. Featured with two-seated black outdoor sofas and a round coffee table in front of the stone fireplace. Unsorted stone flooring gives the natural touch suitable with the green surrounding.

Alluring minimalist gazebo design with a creative bowed wooden hood on an outdoor deck. Containing a modern set of rattan seat and ottoman. A romantic nuance comes from a lovely big floor lighting bulb supported by the other garden lamps and some pottery plants.
Such a tranquil outdoor area with traditional Balinese gazebo design, equiped with a cozy mattress, some triangle back rests, pillows, and white curtains decoration. The gazebo is placed upon a stone structure emerges from the pool with four wooden pillars and fabulous thatched roof. The pool is following the wooden decking with blue water and charming water fountains.
Enchanting outdoor lighting decorates this modern stoned tiling patio in a lovely backyard. A dark brown wooden gazebo built with half stone pillars and wonderful roofing above a set of rattan seating. On the other section, there is a brick firepit surrounded by four elegant armchairs.
A brown polished wooden gazebo designed in a perfect octagonal shape with remarkable sidings and beautiful red roofing. Furnished with wooden chairs and a round table. It can be placed somewhere in the yard, you can combine it with creative planting and brick fencing ideas.
A comely backyard design with natural wooden deck and large gazebo. Featured by elegant white upholstery furniture and dining space beautified by alluring lights and wonderful plant arrangement.
Marvellous big enclosed wooden gazebo idea. Using the glass material as the wall framed by natural woods and decorated with tree-shaped ornaments. It also having a simply wooden staircase towards the entrance and nice garden surrounding.
Capturing the patio at night, warmth felt around the gazebo where the outdoor kitchen and fireplace located. Cozy wicker seats and a round dining set available to serve your delightful dinner. The lighting bulbs and pottery plants decoration give an absolute beauty to the surroundings.
Astounding outdoor space with a wonderful placement. A wooden deck heading to a cozy spot under the wooden gazebo, furnished by rattan seats and some pottery plants. Few steps aside you can find another cozy spot where you can gather around the built-in stone fireplace, or you can just lay down on one of the daybeds available.
Looks like this DIY wooden gazebo has just finished.It needs natural timbers material to make such inviting gazebo with wooden flooring and cone roofing. As it is located by the lakeside, this gazebo provide two opened panels, one as the entrance and the other one is heading to the lake.

This image shows perfect backyard spot of a modern home. This tiny spot will give us refreshment and seclusion. The backyard is enclosed with the high concrete wall for privacy. Along the wall, you will see beautiful flowers and palm trees make a natural statement. At the end of the backyard, a stylish modern wooden gazebo is presented. This pergola gazebo has sturdy hardwood structure with wood pillars and flat roof. Under this wooden gazebo, the outdoor furniture such as two white outdoor chairs and a coffee table seems to liven up space.

Fantastic outdoor kitchen idea mostly covered by bricks and bright lighting. Built under an big wooden gazebo with stone tile flooring and gable roofing design. The kitchen equiped with grille, rustic stove, sink and storage. Small plants in pots decorate the surrounding, along with a nice wooden dining set placed in the middle.
A prim dark wood gazebo with a custom octagonal shape and a gorgeous roofing design. A pretty round polished wooden table stands inside, a perfect corner for a private time. This gazebo is suitable whether for a small or big backyard, it may placed on the grass or brick paving.
Delightful backyard with a big unpainted wooden gazebo on a round brick paving along with a red roof and lovely window paneling. A set of dining equipment available inside and a simple grill outside nearby the entrance. Surrounded by green grass also a wonderful garden arrangement.
Fascinating patio made of stones with a perfect big hardwooden gazebo construction above. Containing modern outdoor wicker seats and a simple stone dininig table infront of the fireplace. The patio is decorated by lighting bulbs, candles and also a ceiling fan. The surrounding is a calm and fresh area with green court and some trees.
Awesome landscaping design for a living space. A big hardwood gazebo with a dark green roof placed nearly at the edge of a cliff along with some cozy spots to gather around. A beautiful pond with natural stone framing sets aside the gazebo connected by a small bridge. Also a great arrangement of plants and flowery decorating the whole scene mix the nature surrounding.

Astounding view of a faux stone river with a small waterfalls feature and green plants. A square gazebo made of natural woods placed at the side of the faux river with a simple bridge connects to the patio where the grill is set. Following the barbeque area is a row of wooden armchairs facing to the faux river.
This adorable gazebo is located by the lake side made of big logs for strong stands supporting the pyramid roofing design. Beautiful log table flanked by two benches available inside, you can see the surrounding lake through the pretty panels. Nature is the most suitable place for this kind of gazebo.
Inviting gazebo design with unsawn logs and a touch of dark brown coating. Simple poles, gable roofing and U-shaped seating nailed perfectly performing a relaxing spot completed with small fireplace aside.
This sweet black and white wooden gazebo design suitable for a small backyard. Featuring two wooden benches and a four-legged table in the middle also pretty ornate decorate the roof framing. Stands on a shady wooden decking where you can also put some lazy chairs and small pots decoration.
Minimalist design of a modern gazebo in a large backyard. Featuring a twin wooden frame stucture and a hanging-like square roof ideas. Underneath is a fabulous big slice of timber table with rattan legs stands on the stone paving along with firewood basket and a rough stone fireplace. The backyard is surrounded by green grass and plants also a gorgeous wooden fencing.
A semi-private gazebo made by natural woods with simply paneling and flat roofing design. Containing a cozy white sofa set enhanced by round rug and green planting. Outside is a cute black portable fireplace to warm the night, also have a nice fascinating garden view surrounding.
An open wooden gazebo stands on a stone tiling patio with a big round table and some cozy seats underneath a semi-arched roofing. The patio completed by a ceiling fan and an outdoor umbrella for a simple shading. A nice green court surrounding and path suit the custom wooden fencing idea.
An impressive enclosed wooden gazebo in octagonal shape with glass windows and entrance door. Equipped by both modern grill and fireplace as the center of the interior, surrounded by nailed bench along the wooden panel. This kind of gazebo is very perfect for a small outdoor party.
A spacious snowy wooden gazebo featuring a big wooden dining table and benches. Located on a large backyard with a nice fencing design and some trees. The gazebo looks handsome with its dark brown coating and green roof colors.
This square gazebo built with various shape of natural woods, a simple paneling and red pyramid roofing design. Placed at the backyard with brick stone path and green planting. In the distance you can see a dense forest lays along the horizon.
Classy patio with modern outdoor furnishing gather around a fireplace and tv screen underneath a gorgeous wooden gazebo. Also decorated by lovely mounted lamps and a big blue floor vase contains flowery. A few step from the patio there is a wonderful pool with ceramic tiling and blue water.
Astounding view from the uphill gazebo with a spacious interior and semi-dome ceiling design made of natural woods. Enhanced by pretty wooden seats around the stone fireplace, also a couple of rocking chair facing to the scenery.
A brown wooden gaebo sets on the corner of a fenced backyard garden with enchanting outdoor armchairs inside. Beautiful round pond built on the middle of the garden with adorable white shells decoration along the edge. The overall garden enhanced by greenery and fascinating view over the fence.
Appealing public garden in a countryside with a faux lake, surrounded by green grass and cozy spots like a small gazebo and lovely garden bench. These facilities made of natural woods to suit the nature landscape at the background. People could enjoy the fresh air while gather each other at one spot or just sitting around the lake.
Exclusive outdoor section with wonderful decking and beautiful infinity pool. On the deck, built a gorgeous wooden gazebo where there is modern sofa sets underneath along with fantastic lighting fixtures. A pair of cozy daybed placed near the pool and pretty rattan seats placed across the gazebo through wooden steps above the pool.

Alluring scene of a backyard patio where an outdoor bar is set under a big gazebo, equipped by a flat tv screen and lovely rattan stools along the curvy bar. There are also some delightful spots for gathering such as round firepit and coffee sets. A dense green forest remarkably exposes at the background.
A unique natural wooden planks gazebo designed in asymmetrical shape. It stands on a black stone flooring and surrounded by green grass. The gazebo enhanced by modern lighting fixtures inside and outside.
Minimalist and elegant design presented by this unique modern gazebo. The wooden materials have a perfect curvy together with the planks following its shape. For the flooring it uses a gray-coated concrete with some recessed floor lamps and surrounded by fascinating garden with plants and wooden fencing.
Lovely octagonal gazebo made of polished wood flooring and half-stone pillars also fabulous roofing pattern. The gazebo is placed on a wild green grass yard along with a simple grill under a small arched canopy.
A catchy open wooden gazebo in minimalist style with two long seats and table connected with the two poles that support its beautiful gable roof design. The gazebo is set on the public spot so it can be used as a shelter for you can see the intersection. From the seating you can enjoy the fresh air and wonderful nature landscape.
A shady wooden gazebo with faboulus paneling and roofing design, perfect for the backyard section. Its octagonal shape and nice wooden coating set on a round brick paving near the fence. Add with some plants and flowery to create such a beautiful backyard.
Fantastic small gazebo built with wonderful cut of logs, designed with some glass windows and gorgeous roofing. Inside there are nice seatings and table also made of logs decorated by an old wall clock and some hanging flower pots. The gazebo is placed on a brick paving at the corner of a yard with wild grass nearby.

Meanwhile, we have a picture of a gorgeous courtyard design here. The courtyard features red brick fence that shows traditional characteristics. The center area of this garden serves a cozy spot with its stunning wooden gazebo. The gazebo promotes sturdy wood structure. On the gazebo ceiling, you will see some beautiful clay hanging pots bearing lovely flowers. The gazebo is complete with a cozy wood dining set with folding chairs and a hardwood table.

An exclusive cottage with a fabulous large outdoor area featuring a half-floating big gazebo on a curvy pool along with a flat bridge connecting the patio. The area is covered by nice green court and plant arrangement also two cozy daybeds facing to the view.
Cozy place for gathering with green-cushioned seats infront of a gorgeous covered fireplace and lovely hanging lanterns decoration. All set inside a big gazebo made of white-painted gazebo and stone tiling flooring design.
Eight log pillars stand to support a big roof of a large octagonal gazebo. Located at the edge of an elevation to have a whole ocean scenery and get the free breeze. This gazebo is equipped by elegant seats and pretty mounted lamps also candle lights decoration.
A small modern terrace featuring a minimalist wooden gazebo in dark brown color also stylish white outdoor furnishing. The terrace is built on a perfect wooden decking and a high concrete wall of fencing to get the private touch, decorated by beautiful small green and flower plants.
A perfect dark brown finish on a rectangular wooden gazebo design. Lower paneling idea meets a fabulous pyramid roofing supported by six strong pillars. It stands on a brick flooring in an open yard along with dense green trees at the background.
Luxurious patio with assorted tiles flooring on a green courtyard, featuring outdoor dining and a big white stone fireplace with glass cover underneath a wooden gazebo. It also equipped by a cozy jacuzzi hot tub and a long pool aside the black iron fencing. The whole patio is decorated by beautiful plants and nice lighting.
Inviting white outdoor dining set with fancy pendants and small flowery pots suit on the black stone tile flooring design. It is placed under an asymmetric wooden gazebo design with a very cool corridor idea decorated by modern flushmount ceiling lamps. The area is surrounded by a wild green court.
Excellent place for a private time in this lovely small gazebo. Furnished by pillowy white seating, small table and stools. The gazebo stands on a brick flooring inside a beautiful garden with green plants and a cute firepit.
Remarkable enclosed gazebo made of natural woods and two layers of roofing. It also using black shade on the arched paneling and has an entrance door. The interior is enhanced by curtains and a veiled table lamp along with cozy wooden armchairs. Outside the gazebo is a small pond surrounded by natural stones and plants.
A small white gazebo in classic style with lovely chairs inside and outside. Wonderful paneling and roofing design blend with the shady surrounding. You can enjoy a beautiful garden landscaping with green grass and trees.
A white rustic wooden gazebo sets around the shady trees and colorful flowers area. Designed in simply modest wooden planks and layered roofing ideas, furnished by a pair of cozy wooden chair and a small coffee table.
A calm area in the middle of pine woods, enjoy it from a gorgeous wooden gazebo. You have to step down the stone staircase followed by a nice wooden bridge and decking to reach the gazebo. The gazebo itself designed with wonderful paneling and roofing also decorated by lovely mounted lamps.
This big gazebo performs the nature itself because it is made by natural tree trunks as the main material. The pillars, flooring, paneling and roofing become a perfect construction that blends with the surrounding. There is a fantastic pond with big rocks and wild plants not far from the gazebo.
A pretty vintage gazebo designed like a small single-room house made of white woods. Enhanced by white rattan sofa set and lovely lamp also white curtains and some flowery patterns. Outside the entrance door is a wooden coffee set on a green grass with some fresh flowers decoration.
Great combination of natural woods and stones could create a marvellous gazebo for your outdoor section. Wonderful stone fireplace flanked between the firewoods storage along with pretty seating in classic style. Beautiful flower arrangement following the stone path completes the scene.
A large green courtyard contains a stone pond and a big wooden gazebo for a cozy gathering place. The gazebo made of polished woods and a dark brown roofing color. A modest paneling and nailed benches available along its octagonal shape, the image also captured shady trees at the background.

This appealing beachfront retreat also offers stunning outdoor area. The area includes a large swimming pool with clear blue water. Along the pool, the garden has green ornamental grasses, which are so captivating along with stone pathways. However, the center of attention here is the majestic wooden gazebo placed at the end of the pool. This gazebo shows meticulous prism roof with shingles. Four strong wood pillars support this huge prism gazebo roof. For the flooring base, the gazebo uses glossy ceramic tiles that show elegance. Several plants make astonishing greenery around this gazebo. Furthermore, this gazebo is connected to a wooden bridge that splits up the pool.

An exquisite gazebo featuring an outdoor dining space aside the standing stone kitchen. The gazebo constructed by lower stone and wooden pillars also appealing green roof design along with romantic lighting. Nearby the dining space there is a modern pool with blue water and wonderful garden landscaping.
Astounding four-legged pillars made of natural logs stand to support a high dome-like cap design. This gazebo is more like a catchy shelter in the middle of an open-public forest with curvy path. Its unique design could bring calmness to everyone who stands beneath.
Fantastic and delightful backyard with a shady patio featuring a minimalist wooden gazebo decorated by pretty curtains on each pillars. Beneath the gazebo is an elegant outdoor dining set and coffee table on a stone tiling floor. The surrounding is an attractive landscape with green grass and brick path also a fancy swing.
A gallant hand-made wooden gazebo in a big square shape and a red pyramid roofing design. It features splendid paneling and flooring also has two entrances can be placed on a large yard. This kind of gazebo also suitable for a party that may contains dining time.
A very simple open gazebo built with gray painted woods and a modest pyramid roof design. Under the roof is a set of cozy wooden chairs with turquoise cushions, the flooring is designed with wooden planks and lower staircases to step on.

Outdoor Wooden Gazebo with Fireplace

The gazebo has so many functions. In the same time, it can be the beautiful decoration complement, too. The way of decorating the gazebo has no limit and combining your gazebo with fireplace is not the impossible idea.

The first design will bring us meets the idea that big-modern outdoor fireplace kit is suitable for minimalist gazebo design. Even you can combine it with green garden ideas. Then, realize your modernity with build a fireplace with white cement plaster. Glass appliances that can be set as your fireplace screen and it makes your fireplace looks much more modern than the other design.

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When we just move in the second design, just be ready to see classical outdoor fireplace design that is placed beautifully in modern deck design nearby your wooden gazebo concept. Stronger classical nuance can be real thru the brick appliances to build up your outdoor fireplace design. More classical nuance can be realized with hang classical clock on the upper side of your outdoor fireplace design. Fireplace cover with transparent-black glass screen will remind us that it is in a modern era. On the other hand, it is also being the beautiful decoration to support the beauty of your classical outdoor fireplace design.

The next design can help you who do not have big space to build the wide gazebo. As what it shows, the beautiful outdoor fireplace appliances can be created in-line with your gazebo wall. This is the effective way to minimize your space but still in a beautiful way. Decorating your fireplace with a gray color design is the beautiful idea to complete its design. Create your 3-D lining in its edge and your minimalist outdoor fireplace will get luxurious nuance at the same time. Let’s think what kind of design that you will take for your gazebo design. Good luck then.

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