Beautiful Wooden Gazebo Design Ideas for Garden

Wooden gazebo can be good idea to serve you a wonderful place for seclusion. Just look at the endearing wooden gazebo designs we compiled for this post. Do you need a relaxing outdoor spot outside your home? If you love being in seclusion doing whatever you like, it is always nice to have a gazebo built on your backyard.

The natural surroundings of this backyard evoke soothing feel that is perfect for seclusion. The backyard is enclosed with natural wood fences and big trees beyond them. In the corner of this backyard, the wooden gazebo becomes the perfect seclusion spot. This gazebo is constructed with four strong teak wood pillars. For the roofing, palm thatches are used. Under this gazebo, the owner put wicker sofas and armchairs. More amazingly, there is also a big screen to give some entertainment for this gazebo design.

This lovely Japanese garden will be discussed next. This backyard design has rejuvenating grass and natural bamboo fences. To add coziness in this exterior, an outdoor gazebo is added. It is a traditional wooden gazebo with bamboo structure and wooden roof. The gazebo also offers shoji doors to enhance the Japanese vibe. Inside the gazebo a small tea table is collaborated with some Japanese cushions. Right in front of the gazebo, you are shown beautiful gardening idea with natural stones and bonsai trees.

A Moroccan courtyard is seen in the last image. This courtyard area has breezy palm trees on it. Meanwhile the presence of an exotic wooden gazebo makes this courtyard a perfect place to chill. The gazebo uses cedar wood structure beautified with carvings. The gazebo also adorned with exotic curtains and black wicker furniture set within it. Some statues are placed outside the gazebo as well. All the gazebos provide rejuvenating corner relaxation for the outdoor.

Decoration Outdoor Area with Wooden Gazebo

Gazebo becomes new outdoor trends these days. Gazebo serves you a secluded spot to chill out and enjoy the outdoors. In order to inform you about gazebo design and styles, we present these images of outstanding wooden gazebos. So, let’s see if one of those gazebos will fit our outdoor style.

This image shows perfect backyard spot of a modern home. This tiny spot will give us refreshment and seclusion. The backyard is enclosed with high concrete wall for privacy. Along the wall, you will see beautiful flowers and palm trees make natural statement. In the end of the backyard, a stylish modern wooden gazebo is presented. This pergola gazebo has sturdy hardwood structure with wood pillars and flat roof. Under this wooden gazebo, the outdoor furniture such as two white outdoor chairs and a coffee table seems to liven up the space.

Let’s check out this photo for a splendid outdoor space. This backyard outdoor design showcases white concrete fence and unique geometric pavement. In the corner of this awesome backyard, the wooden gazebo steals the spotlight. This gazebo offers classy lacquered wood structure and outstanding black roof shingles. You can see bamboo and plywood also included in the gazebo design as well. Meanwhile, the owner fills the gazebo with an outdoor kitchen set and a luxury outdoor dining set. What a perfect spot this gazebo is.

Furthermore, this one is an outdoor design that will make you feel safe and cozy. With green landscape and wooden gazebo, this area is a perfect retreat to visit after a hard day. This backyard has a gorgeous focal point in its wooden gazebo. This log gazebo is constructed from sturdy cedar wood is resistant to weather. Also, inside the gazebo, a log dining set will serve a perfect gathering spot for you and your family.

Fascinating Wooden Gazebo Designs as Garden Decoration

Are you dreaming of outdoor space that promises cozy nuance and serenity? Adding a wooden gazebo could be the answer you are looking for. Wooden gazebo creates welcoming outdoor gathering spot or secluded retreat. Behold these images featuring the most rejuvenating wooden gazebo designs.

Let us start by presenting this fascinating gazebo in dense wood area. The gazebo is meticulously crafted using cedar wood material. The gazebo features appealing arched entrance with astonishing wood structure. Meanwhile, the gazebo floor is concrete pavement coated with slate tiles that give natural qualities. Inside the gazebo, you can sit comfortably with timeless traditional wooden chairs and a wooden bench. Moreover, this cool gazebo idea also shows unique hip roof style. Finally, climbing plants accessorize the gazebo and add natural attributes.

This appealing beachfront retreat also offers stunning outdoor area. The area includes a large swimming pool with clear blue water. Along the pool, the garden has green ornamental grasses, which are so captivating along with stone pathways. However, the center of attention here is the majestic wooden gazebo placed in the end of the pool. This gazebo shows meticulous prism roof with shingles. Four strong wood pillars support this huge prism gazebo roof. For the flooring base, the gazebo uses glossy ceramic tiles that show elegance. Several plants make astonishing greenery around this gazebo. Furthermore, this gazebo is connected to a wooden bridge that splits up the pool.

Meanwhile, we have a picture of a gorgeous courtyard design here. The courtyard features red brick fence that shows traditional characteristics. The center area of this garden serves a cozy spot with its stunning wooden gazebo. The gazebo promotes sturdy wood structure. On the gazebo ceiling, you will see some beautiful clay hanging pots bearing lovely flowers. The gazebo is complete with a cozy wood dining set with folding chairs and a hardwood table.

Outdoor Gazebo with Fireplace

Gazebo has so many functions. In the same time, it can be the beautiful decoration complement, too. The way of decorating the gazebo has no limit and combining your gazebo with fireplace is not the impossible idea.

The first design will bring us meets the idea that big-modern outdoor fireplace kit is suitable for minimalist gazebo design. Even you can combine it with green garden ideas. Then, realize your modernity with build a fireplace with white cement plaster. Glass appliances then can be set as your fireplace screen and it makes your fireplace looks much more modern than the other design.

When we just move in the second design, just be ready to see classical outdoor fireplace design that is placed beautifully in modern deck design nearby your wooden gazebo concept. Stronger classical nuance can be real thru the brick appliances to build up your outdoor fireplace design. More classical nuance can be realized with hang classical clock in the upper side of your outdoor fireplace design. Fireplace cover with transparent-black glass screen will remind us that it is in modern era. In the other hand, it is also being the beautiful decoration to support the beauty of your classical outdoor fireplace design.

The next design can help you who do not have big space to build the wide gazebo. As what it shows, the beautiful outdoor fireplace appliances can be created in-line with your gazebo wall. This is the effective way to minimize your space but still in beautiful way. Decorating your fireplace with gray color design is the beautiful idea to complete its design. Create your 3-D lining in its edge and your minimalist outdoor fireplace will get luxurious nuance in the same time. Let’s think what kind of design that you will take for your gazebo design. Good luck then.

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