Wonderful wooden House MJ Offers Natural Airy Atmosphere

I was enjoying my spare time to visit my friend’s House MJ in Slovenia. I am very happy to be there, the place is very beautiful. It is surrounding by green trees with the cool air flowing all the time. I feel a natural comfortable situation that makes me feel at home. The layout of the house is in the middle of the trees. Therefore, the air flow is always cool. This house built with a charming design.

The modern style makes this house look elegant. It is wrapped with brown wood exterior combined with a large glass window. There is a small path in the house that designed as steps. As a result, the atmosphere at this house is the natural atmosphere mixed with elegant modern style.

House MJ Exterior Design

This house is equipped with a garage that is very unique. The garage color is white with a design that utilizes the sloping ground conditions. The garage placed in the basement. This house located in the plateau, so this situation makes this home made ​​by utilizing the space intelligently. The house exterior is dominated by brown wood. On the front, there is a large glass window designed specifically so that this house looks bright. When first come to this place, we will find the garage. From there, we should walk around the stairs to reach the house. Modern House MJ is very nice and fit with the surrounding natural conditions.

The house is dominated by white color on the inside. The effects from the white color are bright and airy. Besides, brown wood accents on the window adds color make the space seem bright and spacious. The wooden style floor with dark brown color is designing for this house. White ceiling that follows the shape of the roof makes the room look more broadly. In the living room, there is a comfortable white sofa to relax for a while. There is minimalist looking at the kitchen. White colored kitchen cabinets, Kitchen Island colored gray, and a dining table with wooden style make this room look elegant.

This house is designed with elegant simple design ideas. The shape is modern minimalist style makes it look impressive. This modern style radiates with interior and exterior shape with a solid box. The cool natural atmosphere also radiates from the outside of the house. The trees make the air in the house is cool and fresh. Finally, this House MJ Design is a good design that offers natural and airy atmosphere condition.

Wednesday, April 17th 2019. | Home Design