15 Cool Wooden Partition and room dividers ideas

A wooden partition could be a good choice to create a border in indoor space. The wood material of the partition would be a good one as it could be made within a lot of designs and ideas. There are a lot of wooden partition designs that you can get for a living space in your house. Surely, it would beautify the indoor design.

Now, take a look at this stair partition. This wooden stair partition seems to be a very good choice for this contemporary home design. The simple vertical lines of the wood material would be a special thing for this house. The natural brown color of it also looks endearing and enchanting. There is also black vertical line that accentuates this design.

On the other hand, there is a wooden partition that border a bedroom from bathroom. The simple bedroom design with a black wooden partition on it would be a very good choice for sure. The extraordinary design with some wooden horizontal valance on it would be great for this partition design. It also makes the bedroom design becomes fascinating.

For a simple partition idea, you can try to have this kind of stuff. This simple wooden partition would be a very good choice to border a small space. There is three parts of it which could be folded. An addition of patterned clothes in this partition design also makes it more interesting. Even though it is small one, it is still useful to be a border or to cover something.
Surely, there are still a lot of wooden partition designs that you can try. A beautiful and inspiring design of the partition should make the indoor space even more interesting. Therefore, it would be great for you to get one of this to make a border and beautify the house.

Saturday, April 13th 2019. | Interior
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