21 Zen Interior Design Pictures

To get more detailed explanation about Zen interior, let’s proceed to the gallery of this post. There are fascinating Zen interior design pictures that will be great resources to achieve your dream of Zen interior. People always want to bring Zen quality inside their homes. Unfortunately, many of them end up with failure because they don’t know how to do it. To bring Zen nuance, you need to harmonize the decoration, color, scheme, and materials used in your home.

We feature a really refreshing Japanese bathroom design as our first Zen interior picture. The designer has done awesome job to combine natural elements. The wood bathroom floor is complemented with stone pebbles. The bathroom wall uses pale white tone and adorned with stone wall panels. This serene Japanese bathroom design also has a traditional bathroom vanity with two white basins. To the right, this tranquil bathroom offers amazing greenery with bamboo plants and flowers.

Another Zen quality is represented in this interior. You may see a tranquil Asian office room with red wall and oriental decorations. To the left, the wooden sideboard has a dragon statue on it. Meanwhile, nature paintings bring tranquil feelings. Natural window set is indicated by the use of bamboo window blinds. A black oriental book rack is put to the left of an Asian wood table. The ceiling decoration is amazing as well. We can spot cheerful paper lanterns and a traditional style lamp. For the flooring base, this office employs distressed hardwood material making it looks smooth.

Picture number three suggests a calming modern bedroom with Zen attribute. This Zen bedroom has open plan interior and white wall tone. The presence of wooden bedroom set promotes earthy feel and tranquil atmosphere. In addition, this spacious bedroom uses a glass bedroom door that leads to a rejuvenating garden landscape.

Thursday, May 16th 2019. | Interior